Getting Started


Deer Lease Pic 3

My webpage has been up for a week or so now. I’m still getting it all put together the right way which will take some time. Like all things done correctly the first time they aren’t done fast! I also see this as a work in progress…forever lol. Since I have booked my first gig I thought all this would be necessary to market myself as an entertainer, if I want to get taken seriously. Walking into an establishment with no website, no business cards, and no places to reference as being booked at before doesn’t seem like an easy sell on my part. So I made a logo, used it to design business cards which are purchased, website is up and running, & gig equipment is ready to rock and roll! I felt this would be a good time to make my first blog post.  Not sure how often I will get to post blogs like this, but it seems like a good way to explain where my head is at! So now I have to get familiar with my new equipment while I wait for my business cards. Once those come in I’ll be hitting up places to give me a first chance to wow them. First I’ll try places I’ve been to with Will Carter, and then places we haven’t been. Crazy road, but I’m glad it’s my route! Talk to yall again soon hopefully!